Self-Care is a lifestyle that can be attained from the comfort of your own home. Whether it is reading a book, soaking in a bath, or both. Take care of you before you take care of the world. FREE SHIPPING ON SELECT ITEMS!

You are always the priority!

You are divinely created. You are to take care of you first, fill your cup, and then disperse accordingly to those you care for and love. That includes friends, family, co-workers, children, and partners. You come first. Everyone else will adjust.

When do you plan to start setting your boundaries?


Enter the season of self-love

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Blavity Feature

Head over to Blavity and read the amazing feature about author Tamarisk M. Locke!

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"Between your book and 'Pussy Prayers' just the realization that I have to really keen in on what it is that "I" want and not what I want around what everyone else wants. And that bath oil baybeh!!! Let me tell you, it takes a lot to fill and clean my bathtub. So most of the time it's a pretty picture, but that oil, yaaasss. It makes it not a task but a necessity. When I am not taking a bath, I put it on my feet after the shower right before wanna talk about sleep! I love it. Thank you so much for being and doing what you are meant to."


I’m going to grab a few copies of this book for my friends!

While reading this book I started to think about a few of my friends that need to hear this information with me. For awhile, I struggled with telling people “no” without feeling like I had to give a reason on why I didn’t feel like doing something. This book is a perfect reminder that when someone try’s to try you, you don’t have to tolerate it!

There are also a few things that I didn’t realize was bothering me. The examples in the book helped me see that it’s not me, people just have me F’d up and I’ve been tolerating it (yikes). I appreciate the examples in the book because it’s a great way to train yourself on being authentically you.

Chele B.

I tried out the bath salt and I loved it. I slept like a baby after and I wasn't in an angry mood when I woke up, like I usually am and I fell in love with the smell!

Danielle L.

Absolutely Not!

In this to-the-point episode we discuss:

-What to do when you feel “stifled”

-The “interrogation” that occurs in toxic environments

-What abuse in the workplace looks like

This amazing episode of Absolutely Not! is ready for you

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