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My name is Tamarisk Locke and I am a Mindfulness Coach and Author. I help people-pleasers, the codependent, and the hyper-independent navigate healthier lifestyles utilizing their perceived weaknesses and balance them to use as their strengths.

You want to work with me if:

* you are unable to say no

* you put others needs before your own or neglect own needs and wants

* you ignore your likes and dislikes

* you are unable to make decisions on your own or don't trust your own decisions

* need constant validation from others or attach self-worth to how others see you

* you don't accept help from others

* you take on too many projects because you can handle it

* you want more time for yourself and things you enjoy

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"Between your book and 'Pussy Prayers' just the realization that I have to really keen in on what it is that "I" want and not what I want around what everyone else wants. And that bath oil baybeh!!! Let me tell you, it takes a lot to fill and clean my bathtub. So most of the time it's a pretty picture, but that oil, yaaasss. It makes it not a task but a necessity. When I am not taking a bath, I put it on my feet after the shower right before wanna talk about sleep! I love it. Thank you so much for being and doing what you are meant to."


I’m going to grab a few copies of this book for my friends!

While reading this book I started to think about a few of my friends that need to hear this information with me. For awhile, I struggled with telling people “no” without feeling like I had to give a reason on why I didn’t feel like doing something. This book is a perfect reminder that when someone try’s to try you, you don’t have to tolerate it!

There are also a few things that I didn’t realize was bothering me. The examples in the book helped me see that it’s not me, people just have me F’d up and I’ve been tolerating it (yikes). I appreciate the examples in the book because it’s a great way to train yourself on being authentically you.

Chele B.

I tried out the bath salt and I loved it. I slept like a baby after and I wasn't in an angry mood when I woke up, like I usually am and I fell in love with the smell!

Danielle L.

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-What to do when you feel “stifled”

-The “interrogation” that occurs in toxic environments

-What abuse in the workplace looks like

This amazing episode of Absolutely Not! is ready for you

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