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About The Author

Tamarisk M. Locke, an author amongst many other titles, hails from [the deep south, gulf coast shores of] Prichard, AL.

Her humble beginnings, life’s experiences and journey of personal growth and development, have given her the necessary tools to reach an array of people through her literary works.

As a lifelong creative, the focal points of her writing most often paint a vivid depiction of and a most satisfying portrayal of life, in all its raw complexities. With text, too, speaking to the variances one faces along the spectrum of humanity - one as molding spirits - she has created a connection point with her readers that foster self-awareness, total accountability, and absolute action.

Amidst her story telling, her words find a way to grasp the reader by speaking to that which is within them. As has been consistent with all her literary works, as her cultural awareness grew so does art [ and the evolution there of.]

Writing, being one of her passion projects, has birthed others and led to the uplifting of her community and personal tribe through peer-group empowerment circles, public speaking forums and accountability agents she’s formed through “Namaste ‘N Ish Talking.”

She and her family currently reside in Seattle, WA.

- Joseph Arnold