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This book was definitely NOT what I expected, the title is very misleading!! This wasn’t even worth $22 honestly.

You Got Me Fucked Up
Valinee Rhines

This was a birthday gift for my best friend & she absolutely loved it!!! Making her happy made ME happy!!! Thank you!!!!

You Got Me Fucked Up
sadeequah greene

Just what i needed to learn how to set boundaries for people to understand me!! It’s a must read especially if you don’t know how to set healthy boundaries for people!!!!

Good read

I originally only purchased because Crystal Renee and Mignon said so but after reading this book it definitely helped with setting healthy boundaries.

You Got Me Fucked Up
A must-have if you want to really set boundaries...

I was impressed. I am gifted journals and reflection cards etc...all the time. This book impressed me because I actually finished it. Its short enough to finish and feel accomplished and long enough to get to the meat of the benefits of healthy boundaries. I was gifted this book, so I gifted someone else with it.

Short… hold the sweet

Loved this! It was super empowering, while straight to the point. I read the book in one sitting, as soon as it came. It encompassed measurement tools and other exercises. I strongly suggest this for all Black women, especially those who struggle with anxiety. As a Black AFAB person, it was a nice reminder that these MFs in society had me fucked up, and I had to reclaim my throne.

You Got Me Fucked Up
Anesa Newell-Bowles
Everything I needed!

It's rare for you to find something this raw and peaceful. I enjoyed being able to see someone say what I have been saying forever in a way that I say it. I finished it in one day and my sister picked it up. Love it!


All I can say no one will ever have me F’d up again! This book gave me the validation and tools I needed to set boundaries and evolve.